Hello!  Welcome to Art Class with...

Lea Wagner


Art Class Schedule
I teach art to all grades at Stono Park Elementary School (CD - 5th grade) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.  Students in 1st grade - 5th grade have art once a week for 50 minutes and the CD and Kindergarten classes have art once a week for 30 minutes.

Art Portfolios
All of my students keep their art organized in a portfolio that stays in the classroom throughout the entire year.  If students have some extra time during class they are encouraged to look at their art they've worked on in the past and add extra details if needed.  At the end of each semester we will have a final critique of all the artwork they have created and then they can take their artwork home. 

Art Grades
Art grades for each project are done through visual assessment and are based on the following list of requirements:  
1.  Followed directions
2.  Understood new concepts
3.  Used creativity, did not copy another students work
4.  Displayed good craftsmanship
5.  Finished project completely
6.  Used time wisely
7.  Put name and class number on artwork

What is Happening in Art Class Now?

We are working on getting our portfolios and sketchbooks organized. During the month of September we are working on drawings for the Charleston Marathon T-Shirt Design Contest!  If a child's design is chosen as the winner of the contest their drawing will be printed on the Charleston Marthon t-shirt!  In the classroom we will be drawing ideas involving fitness, Charleston scenery, and our favorite exercises that we like to do. 

If you have any questions about art class or would like to volunteer with the art program please email me at: