Heather Burke


boy reading     I love to read and I LOVE teaching students to love reading too!   Reading is a part of everything we do and my goal is to teach our students to become strong, confident, fluent readers!  
I have been teaching at Stono Park Elementary School since 2000.  I am a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  I'm thankful to be part of such a wonderful school and have the opportunity to work with our students.   Please come visit or email me with questions anytime.  I am here to help!

Please help!  

Nightly reading will help your child succeed.  I will send a book home a book each night.  This book is a familiar book that your child has already read at school.  Rereading books increases fluency and increases comprehension.  Please read the book and sign the nightly reading log.  Together we can help your child meet their goals!

 Helpful Reading Strategies!
1. Get your mouth ready to say the first sound in the word.
2. Look at the picture for clues.
3. Look for a part of the word you know.  
4. Say the first part of the word.  Then say the last part of the word.
5. Think about the story.  What would make sense?
6. Go back and reread if something doesn't sound right or look right.  

Useful Links and Information!

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